About us


Africare Community Services (Inc) is a Not for Profit organisation engaged in the welfare and wellbeing of African migrants in Australia. We are based in Victoria but work nationally to dilligently offer crucial social support to individuals through the use of evidence based programs.

Focused on Community Wellbeing
Our Mission

Offer support to African migrants in coping with mental health conditions without stigma before they manifest in different forms of hardship. To create safe spaces and environments for individuals through programs/networks thereby gaining awareness where in order to not feel ashamed opening about seeking help for resilience. We make individual plans of action to address  the progression of depression and suicidal thoughts. Our organisation was established in 2013 to prioritise and provide mental health professional services to those who cannot afford therapy or counselling. We understand the importance of addressing rapidly emerging mental health issues in CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) communities and the significant barriers surrounding mental health.

Harmony through social integration