Serving our community

Individual Counselling and Mental Health​ Support
Seeking help is paramount to our wellbeing. At some point in our lives, we all need guidance in developing the neccessary tools to cope with the challenges we face. Our trainined Counsellors, Psychologists and Family Therapist are here for you. Africare Community Services (Inc) offers individual, couples, and group counselling to adult. Counselling is available days, evenings and weekends. It can be obtained once initiated by self referral and is available either face to face or through Zoom or phone call.
We offer sessions to work with the following issues:
  • Relationship/communication

  • Changes in status or roles (grieving/loss, divorce, marriage, career changes)

  • Situational depression

  • Conflict resolution

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Anger and jealousy

  • Self esteem and assertiveness

Family Violence
Family Violence 
Any type of behaviour that is violent, threatening, controlling or intended to make you or your family feel scared and unsafe.  Family and domestic violence is not limited to physical. It can happen to anyone, at any time, no matter their age, gender or sexual orientation. It can happen anywhere, including at home or at work. It can cause you to live in fear for yourself and your family. This can happen even when you have left a violent relationship. We offer range of programs to address these including Mens Behaviour Change, Group Workshops and Psycho-educational sessions. We provide holistic psychosocial programs founded on person centered therapy , gendered natured of violence and through the context of feminst theory.
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Advocacy, Integration and Disability Support
Community Advocacy, Social Integration and  Disability Support
We provide community networking, linkage and integration programs. These sessions are designed to help African migrants integration into the wider mainstream Australian society without losing their cultural values. We advocate on behalf of our community for better representation and to enable them the access to vital government resources.  Members of our community with disability to supported with care and empathy and our organisation plays an important role in ensuring the provision of safe and timely services.